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The term of District Urban Renewal Forum was ended on 31 May 2014. The proposed Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City, which was submitted to Secretary for Development on 29 January 2014 for consideration is now available in this website.

The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated.

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Welcome Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Homepage of the Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum (Kowloon City DURF).

I am deeply honoured to have been appointed the Chairman of the Kowloon City DURF.

Being one of the old districts in Hong Kong, Kowloon City has a histosry which can be dated back as early as the Southern Sung Dynasty. Buildings aged 50 or above in the district account for about one fourth of the total number of such buildings in the territory, and there are many dilapidated buildings in the area as well. However, only a few redevelopment projects are implemented by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) in the Kowloon City district. Therefore, there is a practical need to set up the first pilot “DURF” in Kowloon City.

All along, it has been the main objective of urban renewal to improve the living quality of the residents in old districts. In view of rising public aspirations, the vision of urban renewal should embrace the concepts of sustainable development and building a quality city (including appropriate development intensity, urban planning and design, greening, local culture, heritage preservation and landscaping, etc.). On the other hand, urban renewal also involves many complex social and economic issues, and is closely related to people’s values about quality of life and their aspirations for community development. The work in this regard has constantly changed in parallel with community development.

The new Urban Renewal Strategy envisages the setting up of DURF to strengthen urban renewal planning at the district level, and the adoption of a “People First, District-based, Public Participatory” approach in urban renewal. As a new advisory structure, the Kowloon City DURF has to clearly reflect the aspirations and priorities of the local community on issues related to urban renewal and consolidate the professional views, so as to put forward to the Government a blueprint for urban renewal in Kowloon City which encompasses local characteristics and reflects local aspirations and community interests at large.

The Kowloon City DURF comprises members from a wide cross-section in the community, including professionals, District Councillors/Area Committee Members, established non-government organisations/groups/business associations serving the district, and representatives of the URA and relevant government bureaux and departments. I sincerely hope that members will endeavour to listen to the views of different sectors of the local community and actively put forward proposals, so as to formulate a sustainable urban renewal blueprint reflecting district aspirations with concerted efforts. This is a most meaningful and challenging task. All members and I will definitely make every effort to accomplish the task.

The Kowloon City DURF will provide adequate public channels for people from all walks of life in the community and district to express their views on different issues in the urban renewal planning process through workshops and seminars, etc. Besides, in formulating urban renewal proposals, the Kowloon City DURF will conduct social impact assessments as well as various planning and related studies. To facilitate public comments, we have already set up an “Online Comments” section in this website. The agendas, papers and minutes of meeting of the Kowloon City DURF will also be uploaded to this website, so that you may have a better understanding of our work and give comments. You may also check out the date and time of meetings and activities from this website to observe our meetings and participate in our activities.

Ir Dr Greg Wong Chak Yan
Chairman, Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum
June 2011

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